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Evolving Cryptopets Club is the best upcoming NFT-Project in 2022 officially launching on 1st of May. You will have the opportunity to evolve an Egg to a Cryptopet and train it within our gamified utility. Become the owner of the strongest Cryptopet of Metaverse! 


Four Elements

You can choose your Egg from one of four elements. Depending on your decision your Egg will evolve to the respective Cryptopet.

10.000 unique NFTs

You will get one of 10.000 unique NFTs. Due to the opportunity to train your Cryptopet you can make it even more unique and valuable.


Check out our Roadmap to develop a general feel how ambitious our project is and what you can expect from Evolving Cryptopets.

Platform & Blockchain

Evolving Cryptopets Club will be launched exclusively on OpenSea. Minting will take place on the Ethereum Blockchain using the ERC-721 Standard.

Sneak Peek

Get a first insight into our designs for the Eggs. Remember, this is only an early preview. We want to keep it a secret. Public Minting will be a surprising event 😉

Red Element

Blue Element

Green Element

Purple Element

Roadmap and Launch Timeline

As already mentioned, Evolving Cryptopets is an ambitious project. To keep you up to date about the progress, we share our Roadmap with you transparently. As in every agile working environment replanning and prioritisation can lead to exceptions and changes with respect to the timeline. 



Traits lead to > 1.000.000 combinations. 10.000 Eggs with different rarities will be launched during public minting



Project announced on many different channels and website launched. Sneak Peek published. 



We are currently in preparation of the final launch, pre-sales and whitelist phase as well as the public minting event.

Public Minting


Start of pre-sales and whitelist phase, many giveaways from 15th of April. Public Minting event on 1st of May 2022.



Start of merchandising for all Evolving Cryptopets Club members. 

First Evolving


First Evolving event. You will have the opportunity to evolve your Eggs to Cryptopets.

Expert Team

Check out our team behind the scenes.


Founder and Head of Tech


Founder and Head of Design


Founder and Head of Media

Giveaways planned
Available NFTs

Frequently Asked Question

No. Public Minting event takes place on 1st of May. But you can contact us. Maybe we can offer you a place on our whitelist.

We currently plan with a Floor Price round about 0.05 ETH to make Evolving Cryptopets available for everybody.

Yes, we do! Evolving Cryptopets offers the opportunity to evolve an Egg to a Pet. But furthermore we are planning a gaming utility on the long run. Our vision is to develop this project to the first NFT-Battlegame of the world. Stay tuned!

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